Monday, October 31, 2011

Carrot cake

Yesterday I tested the carott cake receipe out of the Leila Lindholm cookbook-I told you about that a few posts before and I'm still very enthusiastic about it ;)

I was not so sure about the cake as I had to change the topping because of the lack of creamcheese in my fridge but lucky me it is delicious even with just normal lemon-sugar topping.
Here is the result yummyyyyy :


3 Eier
240 g Zucker
180 g Weizenmehl
1 TL Vanillezucker
3 TL Backpulver
1 1/2 TL Zimt
1/2 TL Ingwerpulver
1 Prise Salz
150 ml Sonnenblumenöl
270 g geriebene Karotten

Butter und Semmelbrösel für die Form
Puderzucker, Zitronensaft für die Glasur

Backofen auf 150 Grad vorheizen.

*die Eier und den Zucker schaumig rühren
*die trockenen Zutaten mischen und unterheben
*Sonnenblumenöl und die Karotten dazugeben und gut verrühren.
*Teig in die gefettete und mit Semmelbrösel ausgekleidete Springform geben
*55 Minuten goldbraun backen
*Eine Glasur aus Puderzucker; Zitronensaft und Wasser zusammenrühren und auf den ausgekühlten Kuchen geben.

Fertig, bon appetit :)

Wish you all a pleasant week :)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

O'zapft is...welcome to the Oktoberfest!

Ok, I have to admit the "Wiesn-Fieber" also arrived here at my house.
I was lucky enough to find 2 really nice vintage Dirndl and now I feel the need to be a part of the Oktoberfest.
The last time I went there I was a little child and hardly remember anything, so there really was the need to refresh the memories ;)
My mom sew 2 beautiful aprons and found 2 really nice little bags for me and here we go:
Welcome to the Oktoberfest!

This is the first dress with the apron sewed by my mum :)

and this is the 2nd vintage dress fromn Alexa here in munich!Thanks again for this perfect Dirndl :)