Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perseiden Fashion Show

Hello Hello!

on wednesday I was invited to go to the fashion show of the lable perseiden here in munich..
Thanks again to Julia from Milchlädchen who got the invitations for us, yay for our goodie bags, too ;)

Perseiden is a one year old lable found by Cornelia Schmid-Heizer and Rebecca Waibel.

Their spring/summer 2011 collection is based on the greek mythology and they worked with floating fabrics and helenistic styles.
They used Jersey combined with lace and velvet fabrics.
The winter collection 2011 is more sixties style with dark colours and heavier fabrics.
Here you can take a look at the online shop and the pieces they are selling.

Unfortunately I was not in such a good position so my photos are rather bad.Sorry about that.
Anyway at least I was able to take a photo of Marie Nasemann for you, hehe yes I was surprised, too.You don't have a clue ;)
Oh, for everyone who doesn't know her, she took part at "germany's next fop model" and was one of the last girls.

 This 2 girls were dancing in front of us on the balkony...the dresses are rather see trough...light jersey, like I said ;)

Here we go, Marie Nasemann and the white lace dress:

Ok finally the best thing, the goodiiiieee bag!
Here we go:
something for the hair and body.

Well that's all I can tell you about this show.For me personally it's a bit of both so make up your own opinion.

Whish you a great Thursday and weekend is up my dears and the weather will be awsome!!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday rainy Sunday....time for pretty things

As the weather is really bad and the couch is my best friend today it's time for a little wishlist.

Seen at ASOS:

Lovely little soldiers, Hello England :)

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf.....?

And of course something for education and bad weather days

Friday, March 25, 2011

Picknick second round...

Hey hey!!

as the weather was great we decided to do another picknick at the "Eisbach" in munich.It's really nice there and once again you can watch people surf on the wave in the middle of the town which I think is rather uncommon but cool to watch.
We had a lot of fun today and that was a great start for the weekend as far as it concerns me ;)
Wish you a lovely Friday and enjoy you weekend!


Hey my dears,
As I have a week off I spent a few days in the mountains with my mom to relax, and yesterday my parents were here in munich and we did a little sunshine-shopping tour.
It was a really relaxing week and best of it it was all sunny!!YAY!!

 That's where we spent our days!

 View from the hotel.

That's my mom ;)

Picknick at the Isar in Munich with Ann:

wish you a great weekend!!

xxx Manu

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cupcakes on a rainy afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today I went to a little cupcake shop here in munich to brighten up my afternoon cause it's such a lousy weather and I caught a little cold somewhere.
It's called Wir machen cupcakes and it's such a cute shop with all kinds of cupcakes and cupcake equipment and accessories...simply it's a little paradies for me.
I couldn't resist and bought 4 of them.They are soooo delicious. Yummyyy!!
This is the best present ever for a dear person as they are doing special cupcakes for birthdays, events or just to say "I love you".
So here they are :)

This one is "vanille wölkchen" and it has a little marshmallow on top-my favourite so far!!

This one is "cookies and cream"

and this one is a special creation with pomegranade seeds and creme on a chocolate muffin:

So now tell me, would you be able to resist??? ;)
Wish you all a nice evening and cuddle up, it's cold outside!

xxx Manu

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Lace and knit

Helloo everyone,

sorry for the lack of postings, to be honest I'm a bit lazy at the moment.Soorryyy.
I started to work in a new store in munich and it was my first week.It's a men store but I have to say it's really a diversity to my work in the woman store...but a good one in the end :)
It's good to be there, at least I have 15 minutes to get to work and in the summer I can ride my bycicle.
Hope you had a good week and wish you an even better weekend.

Here is my self knitted hairband, a kitted dress from COS, my most favourite lace leggings from H&M and the shoes are from italy, not yet wearable without socks ;)

Have a great weekend


Manu :)