Saturday, March 05, 2011

Lace and knit

Helloo everyone,

sorry for the lack of postings, to be honest I'm a bit lazy at the moment.Soorryyy.
I started to work in a new store in munich and it was my first week.It's a men store but I have to say it's really a diversity to my work in the woman store...but a good one in the end :)
It's good to be there, at least I have 15 minutes to get to work and in the summer I can ride my bycicle.
Hope you had a good week and wish you an even better weekend.

Here is my self knitted hairband, a kitted dress from COS, my most favourite lace leggings from H&M and the shoes are from italy, not yet wearable without socks ;)

Have a great weekend


Manu :)


christie said...

Those lace leggins look awesome!!


Signe said...

We are all lazy from time to time ;)
And every time I see your pictures I am just dying to color my hair red again! Must...resist..!

Enjoy your weekend :)

Dial V for Vintage said...

Lovely outfit, the leggings are so pretty! :)