Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project Cheesecake

Hey hey, like I promised here are the results of the cheesecake bakery.
It's my first homemade cheesecake and I can tell's soooooo delicious and I'm so happy about that :)

Wish you a nice weekend.


Manu :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm and cosy, new glasses and a ticket!!

Hello everyone,
lucky me today I have one day off so I can relax, post updates and browse trough your blogs ;)

Today it's the day!!! I finally picked up my ticket for the Foo Fighers show in Berlin on the 18th June!!!YAY!!!After all it was so expensive what bothers me a little bit cause I had to pay a lot more cause it's nearly been sold out but oh well....nevermind.
It's going to be an all-girls-trip and I'm sooo looking forward to that!

and at least the outfit of the day, I showed you that knitted dress here when I bought it.
It's really one of my favourites as it is so warm and cozy.

Jacket: H&M
Knitted dress: COS
Leggings: H&M

So a wonderful weekend for all of you and if I have the joy to make cheesecake tomorrow I'll surely post a picture.Promised ;)

Bye bye

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello mongolian restaurant!

Oh dear, sunday's always coming so fast I can't believe that tomorrow it's monday again...Oh well...

Yesterday evening we wen to a mongolian restaurant here in munich.I always enjoy beeing there.
You can pick from different ingrediences, herbs,meat or fish.Yummyyy.
After all I'm still well fed and at the moment there is nothing more to think of as a fine cup of tea! :)

enjoy the Sunday :) I'm still waiting for the sun to come out!

Manu :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday afternoons....yummyyyy!!

Hello everyone,

Hope you're doing all right and YES!!!Weekend's getting nearer!
 It's been a while, but here comes a new "today's outfit".

Totally fell in love with that H&M's awsome with that golden glitter on it and I'm so glad I found that elephant pendant, isn't it nice?I like the little ornaments!

hope you survived the week and most of you are already preparing for the weekend.
My preparation looks like this :

Delicious cherry-nut pie and a cup of coffee :)
Yes I'm at home and Yes, weekend here I come!!

Tomorrow we're going to a mongolian restaurant here in munich, I'm so excited cause
it's so really delicious there and you can pick all the great ingrediences yourself and hand it over to the cook.I'll post some picures-promised! ;)

So I guess today it's more a kind of relaxing day, as my boyfriend caught a little cold and he has to recover a little bit.

Ok, so everyone, have a great friday and an even better weekend!!

Manu :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

An evening at the AMD graduate show in munich!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to see the graduate fashion show of 19 young designers from
the Academy for fashion and design at the BMW Museum here in munich.

This is the article from AMD Mag where you can read about the "rien ne va plus"graduate show and Here are some pictures where you can see parts of the different collections.

It was a really interesting and ispiring evening.We saw a few really cool and perfect sewed fashion pieces and were able to see everything from the 2nd row ;)

Thanks again to Kristine Sollund, she is one of the 19 graduated designers and managed to get invitations for us.

After the show we went to the after show party and finally ended up at a club where they played rockabilly sound that evening.
A very varied evening with 3 girls and a lot of beer ;)

So I had a really nice and funny weekend, at least because of our last night sleepover here where we
had spaghetti at 5 in the morning and a great burger breakfast today with sun sun sun ;)

Hope you also had a great weekend and sorry for the lack of posts....I promise betterment!

Wish you all a relaxing and nice sunday evening

Manu :)