Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last weekend...

I did a little bit of spring decorations here at home, in order to refuse letting the winter take over again.
And after all flowers do always make me happy :)

Chilis from my hot hot ;)

Oh yes, and last weekend we had a little margerita-party at a mexican restaurant here in munich.
It was so funny and delicious.
Yummy virgin margerita and please look at this strawberry margerita-isn't it beautiful and so-HUUGE???

Hope you had a good week so far....weekend is getting nearer :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A package form Helsinky!!

Hello everyone,
hope you had a good week so far and you're ready for the weekend.
Today I received my package from Ulrika from THE RED ROSETTE, this is such great and cute blog that I enjoy reading very much as it's very insiring and she's such a cute person.I am soooo happyyyy that it finally arrived.
She did a little blog sale a few weeks ago and I found 3 dresses there I had to have.

Right from the post office :)

This one is a black velvet dress from H&M Trend

This one is a white lace dress from primark, I fell in love right away ;)

And last but not least a blue dress from cici.

They all fit so very well and I want to say thank you again!!That's perfect :)

So I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the's so very rare at the moment!!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Knitting time again!

Hello everyone, 

During the holidays I spent my time knitting...again ;) 
The results are:
1 squirrel (which I made for my boyfriend as he is so much into squirrels)
1 little mushroom
1 headband with a bow (good for my cold ears)

Yesterday my new CUT Magazin arrived!YAY!
That's a magazin all about handmade stuff and so very insiring.They have a lot of instructions how to sew clothes and accessories, much inspirations for home decor and very interesting articles.

Cut-Leute machen Kleider
Wish you a great sunday evening.

Manu :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Friday Outfit

Hello everyone!

Yesterday we decided to go to Joe Penas, it's a mexican restaurant round here.
We had a really funny evening I can tell you ;)
That dress I wore is from H&M.I found it in the Sale Corner there with a few other things,I'll post the other pieces a little bit later.Love that ruffles :)
Also dyed my hair and now it's a lighter red.New year-new colour ;)
So I hope you're having a great weekend.


Manu :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Oh these holidays...

Hello again everyone!
After all these awsome holiday dinners and family evenings I finally arrived at my home again and today it's the first post for the new year.
Hope you all had a great new year's eve and I wish you all a great and awsome year 2011 with everything you long for :)
Here are 2 outfits I wore the other day and as today it's the last lazy sunday I found some gorgeous things I had to put on my january wish list.
So enjoy the sunday and be prepared for the new year!!
See you soon

Manu :)

The jumper is from H&M, the belt vintage and the harem trouser also a finding on a market here in munich.

Loooove my little owl-also from H&M

The cardigan is from H&M Trend and the dress is from COS, the fish pendant is from djerba.

And here is the Sunday Topshop Wishlist: