Sunday, January 02, 2011

Oh these holidays...

Hello again everyone!
After all these awsome holiday dinners and family evenings I finally arrived at my home again and today it's the first post for the new year.
Hope you all had a great new year's eve and I wish you all a great and awsome year 2011 with everything you long for :)
Here are 2 outfits I wore the other day and as today it's the last lazy sunday I found some gorgeous things I had to put on my january wish list.
So enjoy the sunday and be prepared for the new year!!
See you soon

Manu :)

The jumper is from H&M, the belt vintage and the harem trouser also a finding on a market here in munich.

Loooove my little owl-also from H&M

The cardigan is from H&M Trend and the dress is from COS, the fish pendant is from djerba.

And here is the Sunday Topshop Wishlist:

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N▲hn▲ said...

total hübsch siehst du aus!