Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's all about the mustache

For everyone that likes we go!
I found that on the site 

They have everything for the mustache passionate person.Awsome!

Cheesecake and Sundays

Yummi yummi we looove cheesecake :)
It's from Rischart in munich.It's a bakery that was found 1883 here in munich and I can tell you, the cakes are delicious.
Highly recommendable when you're to lazy to do it yourself ;)

Afri-Cola commercials

Yesterday I saw a few afri cola commercials from 1968 due to a tv report about seduction on tv.
I was so stunned because the spots are kind of weired but cool, too.
The spots are mostly influenced by his interest in aerospace.He also did commercials for Pushkin wodka and Volkswagen.
The Director is Charles Wilp, he was a german advertising designer, artist, photographer and short movie editor.
So I HAVE to show you the commercials:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yesterday in Munich

first of all I really have to show you my yesterday outfit with that gorgeous bag from my mum-thanks again I totally looove it :)
Dress: H&M, Scarf: Kaufrausch, Bag: Vintage

ok, then I have to show you some really funny and freaky stuff:

this is the actual window of Konen in munich and I really loved the piano and the little cat that says "Where is the mouse"?

and this is the cool toilet of the "Cafe am Hochhaus" in munich and a really weired window of a souvenier store at the Marienplatz.I liked it a lot and you can find new things everytime you look at it.

Wish you a great Weekend :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks to my mummy :)

Yesterday my mum and I spend hours to go through her closet because she really wanted to get rid
of some stuff!Lucky meeee!!! :)It was so amazing what we found and I am the luckiest girl in the world!

First of all a totally great leather bag.The leather is rather stiff but it's soooo gorgeous and big-just perfect!
Then a little patent leather bag with a golden chain, that is soooo cute and will be a dear companion!
And after all a lot of brooches and chains that really look rather antique!We also found my little baby chain with a pendant that hast my name on it and a little horse that I once bought when I was young.
I just took some photos so you can see a few things.
It was really so interesting and I was so happy that my mom has such good taste ;)
So here are the photos, sorry the accessories are a bit small anyway-hope you can recognize something.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping afternoon

Yesterday my boyfriend and me did a little shopping tour at a mall here in munich.It was really crowded and not sooo realxing...anyway we had running sushi and that surely brightened it all up.Finally I bought  a room fragrance, 2 books and 2 pieces at Zara what made it all worth in the end.
A really cute dress that will be my autumn favourite and a little knit jacket with a furry collar.
Already love it soooo mucho and therefore I have to show you.
Here we go:

"The Radleys" by Matt Haig and "Brida" by Paul Coelho

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Up up and away...

I decided to go for some outfit postings today.
As it's getting colder and colder furry time starts and so I unpacked my winter luggage from the
attic and here we go...

nearly everything is from H&M, except the snood, it's from Zara and the long Cardigan is from COS

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lovely little things...

Such a cute belt with that little dogs!
Birdy birdy...

and I love that great for autumn with that little leopard collar...

...and finally the leather satchel bag-I wanna go back to school!

all seen at topshop.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Soups in town

A few days ago we were in that supercute little japanese restaurant called "Warmi Nudelbar"
They have soooo delicious soups and japanese food.
Here I have the pictures of our dinner-it was Ramen with Udon noodles and seaweed salad.
So recommendable.


...finally it's done, I have my new Blog now.
It's Sunday, lousy weather-what means I have tons of time to do it right now.

I hope you'll enjoy yourself and I'm really thrilled about it.
Here is the result of the muffin bakery hours in the morning.

Chocolate mandarin Muffin: