Friday, October 29, 2010

Yesterday in Munich

first of all I really have to show you my yesterday outfit with that gorgeous bag from my mum-thanks again I totally looove it :)
Dress: H&M, Scarf: Kaufrausch, Bag: Vintage

ok, then I have to show you some really funny and freaky stuff:

this is the actual window of Konen in munich and I really loved the piano and the little cat that says "Where is the mouse"?

and this is the cool toilet of the "Cafe am Hochhaus" in munich and a really weired window of a souvenier store at the Marienplatz.I liked it a lot and you can find new things everytime you look at it.

Wish you a great Weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Du bist der Knüller,weiter so! :)) N.H.

Katta said...

also dafür, das du 33 bist, find ich dich oberhammer <3 wirklich cool.

Manu said...

ach...gefühlte 20 ;) Danke ich geb mir Mühe!