Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you Hamburg!

Hello Hello!!!

finally it's time to do a little update cause I really have a lot to show and tell.
The last 2 weeks I spent in Hamburg-went there for work and had a really good time.
That was my little breakfast at the airport. a really good start and I totally love the blonde magazin, highly recommendable ;)

When I arrived in Hamburg, weather was windy and much colder than here in munich, but you love it or hate it, I really like the wind and the fresh air of the north.
Here are some pics from the "Elbstrand"and the cutest little house at the beachside.

 The  beach..

 cutest little house...

 way to the beach....

 the beach again...

view from the ship...

We also went to a little shopping tour in HH at the weekend...finally found something at "urban outfitters" YAY for that dress :


and YAY again for my little "fjall raven" backpack!

Katja and me at the "Osterstrassenfest" Caipirinha and yummy potato with cous cous!

Thank you so much :)


Ok, that's all for now, hope you all have a great weekend.Finally Friday tomorrow ;)

xxx Manu

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mone said...

Cool pictures.Love your haircolor!
Lg mone