Sunday, September 04, 2011

A sunday with Leila Lindholm

After I red an article about the swedish cook Leila Lindholm I finally bought the book called "A piece of cake".The german title is "Backen mit Leila".
This book is not just a fabulous cooking book, no it has really nice little stories about her and the different recipes in it what makes the book not only a very inspiring but also a very entertaining book.

She is on of the most popular cooks in sweden and I totally fell in love with her recipes.
Today I was in the mood to try a few an tadaaaa...this is what came around:

First of all here we go with the focaccia experiment, yes it turned out to be really delicious ;)

Second round I tried the apple crumble muffins, also they worked out really well and tasted yummyy!!

So I just can heartly recommend that cooking book.It full of great and not so complicated recipes and the best for lazy or not so lazy sunday afternoons.

Wish you a nice sunday and a piece of cake along with your cup of coffee :)

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