Monday, December 20, 2010

Knits and fake fur

As my camera is working again here as promised my today outfit posting.
It's cold and uncomfortable weather so it's time for my little fake fur jacket.I'm wearing my COS knit dress that I showed a few posts ago here.
So just cuddle up at a warm home and be prepared for the holidays ;)
Manu :)

The knit dress is from COS, the chain from H&M and the belt from italy, it hast fake fur endings, really cute :)

Here we go, without the belt but with the jacket and snood ready to go

Always a good companion, lace leggings and little black boots ;)


Siv-Ann Schneider said...

ganz wunderbar meine Liebe, sieht schön kuschlig aus ;)

Signe said...

Oh wow, I love your COS dress! You look smashing in it :)

manuela said...

cute :)
i like your hair!

Lilly Panic said...

oh ich habe deinen blog erst jetzt entdeckt.... wie süß du bist!