Friday, December 10, 2010

Presents, pugs and china!

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a great St. Nicholas day last Monday and your boots were filled with delicious stuff.

To my surprise I got such a beautiful cup with 2 saucers which I saw at a antiques store round here some days before...such a cutie my boyfriend bought it secretly.
Also I got a beautiful poinsettia and some napkins with a pug on, which is awsome cause I looove pugs ;)

After all I ended up with lots of beautiful things including an orange/almond shower gel, the same as a handwash, a room scent from Yves Rocher which is also be honest I nearly felt like christmas day ;)

So here are some photos and I hope you didn't get your little bums beaten up by St. Nicholas ;)

Byebye and cheers Manu

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