Saturday, April 02, 2011

My new roommate...and sunshine

Hello there!

Oooops I did it again.I acutally was looking for something for my balkony and what did I find?A new roommate for us ;)
Her name is Rosalie and she's soooooo fluffy (imagine saying it like that little girl in "decpicable me")

Finally I also found something for the balkony, at least in time cause it's such a beautiful weather so I can enjoy the sun now.

Wish you a nice weekend and enjoy the sun :)



lulu041283 said...

das eulenkissen ist toll, das hätte ich auch gerne. lg von lu

Fashion Fabrice said...

haha love tyou're new roommate:) she's pretty ;)


maritaBliss said...

Aw, that owl is so cute ♥ !!

Signe said...

Got to love owls :)