Thursday, June 23, 2011

Berlin and Rock'n Roll :)

Hello Hello!
after a wonderful and rockin time in Berlin I'm back home again.
We had a brilliand "girl-camp" with concerts, beer and great food!
At first we went to the Foo Fighters Concert at the Wulheide in was the BOMB!!!
Then there was the Mauerpark, The Arctic Monkeys, funny walks and bus-trips and tons of great food.
It was so much fun and I have to say "Thank you so much" for that great event :)

Dave and Dave ;)

As it was raining of course we were totally equipped ;)

After this awsome Saturday we went to the karaoke at the Mauerpark...very funny, I can tell!!

On Monday it was Monkey-time...great concert at the "Admiralspalast"-The Arctic Monkeys!

Between the concerts and the funny journeys there surely was time for a video evening at the girls-camp!

and of course a lot of great food...

Thank you so much!!!It was awsome <3


Daniela said...

Ich mag dein Design, aber deine Bilder sind mir vieeeeeeeeeeel zu klein. Auch wenn sie durch Draufklicken größer werden. LG

Signe said...

Oh how I envy you that trip, looks like you had an amazing time!!


sunkissed skin and salty hair said...

Eure Kopfbedeckung gegen den Regen ist ja süß! :)
Liebste Grüße