Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finally, past and present findings!

Helly everyone,
as it is a rainy saturday and because I'm really guilty in not keeping up my postings in the last few weeks I decided to show you the results of my past online shopping tours.
Hope yo're all doing well, maybe I'll go and get some cupcakes today, if so I'll show them here as they always look sooooo delicious....promised ;)

Black dress:COS, Jacket:H&M Necklace: H&M

Top:ASOS, Maxi-skirt: H&M, Earhangers:ASOS

Shirt:H&M, Dress: Atmosphere, Hairband:ASOS

thanks so much to Allegra from Dollface is Candysweet for selling that dress to me, love it :)

Ohhh and last but not least here she first own Aigner Bag!!I'm totally in love with it and the best is, it was for FREEEE!!!YES!Got it from my mom,such a nice colour and perfect size for nice evenings :)

So wish you all a nice weekend!!

XXX Manu

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