Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beauty Shopping...and gift receiving!

Hello My Loves,

I couldn't resist today... no no noo it was too seductive...unfortunately.
But anyways I'm really happy about my little beauty shopping tour today.
As I'm officially O.P.I. addicted I found 2 awsome colours...perfect fit for atumn.
Here we go:

The left one is "Brisbane Bronze" wich is such a great brown,golden,bronze tone.
The right one is "An Affair in Red Square" Hellooo, such a great red shimmering colour.

So these are my two little new friends and I know that they will get along so very well with my other little O.P.I friends :)

The other thing I want to show you is my little reward for helping out in the showroom in munich last week.
As I was happy enough to get a sneek peek at the lavin collection cause I helped preparing the press event, I got a lipstick as a gift.
Here it is and this, my beloved is such a perfect red!!!!Awsome I can tell you.
If you have the opportunity...go and grab one!It'll be worth it-promised!
Thank you soooo much again Rosi, that really made my day :)


Emma said...

Lovely, lovely nail colours! So rich.

That lipstick is great, too. x

Dial V for Vintage said...

Pretty colours, I'm a big fan of OPI too! Lucky you, the lipstick looks very nice, how's the quality? Maybe I'll buy one for myself when the collection arrives in the stores :).

Signe said...

That red nail polish is amazing! And I am searching for the perfect red lipstick, maybe I'll give this a shot :)

Manu said...

Really highly recommendable- both, The Nail polish and The lasts and lasts... Really :)