Monday, November 15, 2010

An evening at the parents home :)

Here we go, I hope you all had a nice and sunny weekend.
Mine was very very sunny and we did some really funny things in second hand markets and at the zoo...but these photos I'll show you next time cause my dearest friend Ann took all of them so I have to wait till she sends me the "package". But let me tell you, there are things to look forward to ;)

Tonight I'll have a little sleepover at my parents house and I have to show you that beautiful bottle.My mom brewed some kind of quince brandy that is soooo delicious!!!Yummy!
And please look at that bottle...I'm not sure if you can see something but it's trees and a house and deers and it's totally cute.
So I thought for tonight my "Good night wish" to all of you is that picture with the liqueur and that nice old bottle :)
Cheers everybody and have a wonderful night!

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