Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas arrived in my home...finally

Yesterday time has come!!
Finally I did a little decoration at home and was busy with the christmas bakery the whole afternoon.
A little surprise for my boyfriend were the little squirrels.I found the little baking pans at ikea.It's a set with a few animals and it's so cute.He liked it a lot because he's a huuuuge squirrel fan ;)
Today we'll go for a little vintage shopping again...I'll keep you updated.I know I still owe you the photos of our last trip...but I have to admit I'm a little bit lazy at the moment-sorryyyy!
Wish you all a lovely Saturday!!


Signe said...

looks very cozy :)
and a happy weekend to you!

Kate said...

aaahhh these pictures fill me with joy and excitement!