Saturday, November 06, 2010

Serious Vintage Shopping!

Hello my dears,

today I did some serious vintage shopping and I'm absolutely happy!!
Two dresses and a little little purse.
The one dress is black with little beige drops on it.It has absolutely adoreable sleeves and is really light fabric.
The other dress is kinda dark blue with red and white pattern on it.It has white buttons on the collar and in the back and a little peplum.
Yay for vintage!Love them!!!

The other thing I have to show you is a sweater made by my mum.She did this when I was young and 
it was one of my favourite sweaters.I totally forgot about it and tadaaaa...she kept it all this years and now it's time to wear it again!It's soooo adorable and she did such a gread work!
Thanks to my mummy, she's really the best!!! :)


lulu041283 said...

hallo manu,
das pünktchenkleid finde ich besonders schön.
deine haare gefallen mir auch sehr gut, dein profilbild mit den lockigen haaren finde ich auch toll, gibt es das auch in groß zu sehen ?

vlg von lu

Manu said...

Dankeschööön :)
Musst mal probieren auf das Profilbild zu klicken, dann wirds glaub ich ein bisschen grösser.
Ja ich bin auch stolz wie bolle!Toll, dabei wollt ich heut gar nix ja ;)

Signe said...

Oh my, those are such great finds! I love both the dresses and the purse :)

Dial V for Vintage said...

That sweater is so cute, your mum is very talented! I love both your dresses, especially the first one!

Amber Rose said...

That second dress is just darling. If only I could fly you out here to go thrifting with me!

Gosh you are gorgeous missy. ;)

Kate said...

that jumper is amazing, i have a penchant for odd knitwear!

Esther said...

oh manu, hübsch, du und deine kleider!!!

Louder Than Silence said...

Oh the horse jumper is amazing! Want!

Sally x

Louder Than Silence

richelle jean said...

AHH! that horse sweater is such a good find!! i LOVE it.

vio said...

das zweite kleid steht dir super! :)