Saturday, November 20, 2010

Secondhand Crazyness!!

Today once again it was all about visiting this very cool second hand store called Alexas in munich.
It's such a great shop with all kind of vintage things from every decade of time.
It was a funny and successful afternoon with Ann and Maureen thrifting through everything there.
Finally I found a beautiful bag which in the same time is a muff!!!That's sooo awsome and I'm so happy that I found it cause acutally it just looks like a leather bag.Alexa told me that it's some kind of a hunting bag.YAY!And now it's mine!
When I came home there was a little surprise in it.It's a rather antique looking pocket knife...someone might have forgotten it inside.Lucky meee!
I also got a silk cloth as a gift from alexa which I can use perfectly as a hairband!
Well enogh talking, here are the photos.I have to send a big "thank you with a kiss" to my lovely Ann.The photos in the store were taken by her and she allowed me to use them :)

still thinking about that black boots....maybe they will wait for me ;)

silky hairband

the hunting bag/muff with the little surprise in it


Dial V for Vintage said...

Wow that bag/muff is amazing!! What a great find, lucky you :). I want one too :p.

Signe said...

A bag with a muff! How cool is that?!